Thursday, May 31, 2012

I recently made a trip to California in order to look after my sister's children and deplete her beer, butter, and a snack supplies.

There was good coffee to be had, after the daily kindergarten drop-offs, and sushi picnics on the porch. And of course, there were baking projects. Do not leave your kids with me unless you want me to make chocolate chip banana bread with them.

Here's a salad I made from things in my sister's refrigerator. Here's the recipe: sugar-roasted carrots and radishes + plus very small lettuces + lemon juice + mint.

But there were fried chicken and pork belly sandwiches too. And plenty of beer.One thing my sister likes to do is have picnics that center around cheese, strawberries, and champagne. We made some rhubarb curd shortbread and brownies to go with these.

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